Important: We're upgrading to Cloudflare Enterprise! Migrate your sites now before May 30


✈️ Exciting news! FlyingCDN is shifting to Cloudflare Enterprise, offering you top-notch performance. Plus, we’re streamlining payments through our new entity, FlyingWeb LLC. 

We’ll be deleting the old CDNs by May 30, 2024.

🌟 What’s new

🛠 Migration steps

  1. Visit and add your sites.
  2. Update DNS and integrate the API key via FlyingPress.
  3. Need help? Watch our video tutorial.
  4. Delete old CDNs from

💼 Account balance

Your balance will auto-transfer to the new system. Once it runs out, we’ll auto-charge the saved payment method.

📆 Note

For optimal performance, the new FlyingCDN is specifically designed to work only with FlyingPress. Ensure your setup includes FlyingPress to utilize FlyingCDN effectively.

Please note that we no longer support non-WordPress or non-FlyingPress sites