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FlyingCDN is a content delivery network designed to deliver your content faster and more efficiently, improving the speed and performance of your website.

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Revolutionary Features

Revolutionizing the way you deliver content - FlyingCDN's advanced features set us apart from typical CDNs

Image compression

Reduce image file sizes by compressing without loosing quality for a faster loading.

WebP conversion

Convert images to WebP conversion automatically without changing URLs.

Adaptive images

Deliver the right image size, in the right resolution, to the right device.

Permanent storage

Permanently stores your files for a 100% Cache HIT rate, guarantee excellent performance for every request, every time.

Global file replication

Replicate your files across our our global network of edge locations for fast delivery to your visitors.

114 edge locations

Deliver content quickly and reliably to visitors worldwide with our extensive network of edge locations.

26ms worldwide latency

Experience fast content delivery with just 26ms worldwide latency for smooth browsing.

95%+ cache hit ratio

We guarantee a cache hit ratio of 95% or higher, ensuring that your content is delivered quickly and reliably to your visitors.

Minify CSS and JS

Reduce the file size of your website's CSS and JS files for faster loading times and improved performance.

SEO headers

FlyingCDN supports link response headers, pointing out the origin of the content, which is helpful for search engines.

Free SSL & DDoS protection

Secure your website and visitors' data with FlyingCDN's DDoS protection and free SSL certificate.

Browser caching

Reduce page loading times by caching frequently used files in your visitors' browsers.

Discover FlyingCDN's Global Network

114 locations, 77 countries, 6 continents - FlyingCDN delivers your content globally

FlyingCDN network

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Get lightning-fast content delivery without breaking the bank

Pay only for what you use

With our per-usage pricing model, you'll never pay for more than you need. Get lightning-fast content delivery at an affordable price.

What’s included

  • Automatic optimization
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy setup
  • No hidden fees

$3/ 100 GB / site / month

Each site will be charged a minimum of $3 per month despite usage.


Get a side-by-side comparison of FlyingCDN and other popular CDNs.

CloudflareCloudflare ProRocketCDNFlyingCDN
PricingFree$25 / month$9 / month$3 / 100GB / month
Edge locations28528545121
Access to all locations
Global file replication
Permanent storage
Image compression
WebP conversion
Adaptive images

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